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Birth Doula Client Testimonials



After a traumatic first birth experience, my husband and I knew we wanted to bring on extra support for the birth of our second child. When interviewing doulas, Alexis stood out; it was obvious that she had a lot of experience, knowledge, a calming disposition and a balanced approach that was both holistic and medically founded. We talked about our past birth experience being fast, scary, and lacking support from the hospital staff when we needed them most. Alexis listened to our story and reassured us that this next birth would absolutely be better and she would be by our side for as long as it was needed. We discussed the likelihood that we would use an epidural this time around and Alexis stated that she would support us no matter what approach we chose to take. In addition to two scheduled meetings prior to the due date, Alexis was extremely available and accessible to meet or talk over email/phone if additional concerns or questions arose. In person, we reviewed different coping techniques and manual skills that Alexis could use during painful contractions - it was obvious that she had a lot of tools and experience that she could draw from. My husband and Alexis were the only two people in my labor and delivery room and the three of us formed a great team, asking questions of the doctors/nurses, weighing in on Alexis' knowledge and experience and coming together to make a decision that drove us to the goal of having a smooth birth experience. With Alexis' support we felt empowered and in control every step of the way. In the end I can happily say we had an amazing birth experience that I still think about and smile. Every woman deserves to have an amazing and empowering birth experience and I absolutely recommend Alexis to help you achieve that!

Cristie L. (San Anselmo)

This is a long over due review. Alexis was my doula for the birth of my second son (7/24/14). My husband and I couldn't have done it without her. I contacted Alexis late into my pregnancy because I really wanted my second birth to be without an epidural. I didn't have the best experience with my first birth and I really wanted this time to be different. Alexis reassured me that this was a different birth and that my body was meant for this.
From the moment I spoke to her I knew she was meant to be a doula. She is super calm and sweet and you can tell she loves what she does. We met shortly there after and I didn't have to interview anyone else (although I spoke to many over the phone).
I wasn't too happy with my doctor at the time and Alexis not only knew who he was but helped me research other doctors and suggested many others to me.. She always responded to all of my silly questions and concerns and helped me come up with a birth plan.
The day I went into labor I called Alexis and she gave me the option to come over or let me keep laboring on my own at home and meet me later. I felt calm and confident so I stayed in the tub and labored from home and stayed in touch with her. She could tell just by talking to me if I was close or not. When the time came I called Alexis and we met at the hospital.
I can honestly say that thanks to Alexis I was able to have an un-medicated birth, my husband said it was the best money we have ever spent (and he was hesitant about getting a doula). Alexis helped me through the contractions and helped me remain calm. She even stayed long after to help in any way that she could.  The only regret I have is that I didn't take any pictures with her that day.

Maria C.

Alexis was my doula for my daughter's birth in February 2013. I decided when I was 6 months pregnant that I wanted to TRY to do it naturally and find a doula. I met with a few different doulas and it was clear from the first time I met Alexis that she was incredible. She just radiates warmth. She was supportive for the months leading up to my birth. Alway full of suggestions but never preaching or pushing me to do a particular way.  She has an amazing calming presence which is one of the reasons she is such an incredible doula. She coached me over the phone while I labored at home. She was with me (and my whole family) at the birth and was the calming and encouraging presence that I needed.  Even my very experienced OB was impressed with her and asked her to get in touch with his office for the future. Alexis and I have stayed in touch and I hope to have her in my life in some way for years to come.

Allison O.


I'm a man, I did not get pregnant, my wife did -- I played a very small role in creating our two children then sat back and watched my wife carry them for 9 months. (I do pay all the bills and play with the boys now so my wife says we're almost even.) My wife and I lost our first two pregnancies due to miscarriage; we had a beautiful boy on our third (but not without a host of problems and bed rest during the final months). For our fourth pregnancy I wanted to take every precaution necessary and ensure that my wife had the best possible experience, that's when I encouraged her to reach out to Alexis. We met in person a few times, she is very personable and easy person to talk to; she served as a virtual doula for my wife and I throughout her pregnancy and the day our son came into the world (the vast majority of communication was via text as that was our preference). Alexis is extremely knowledgeable about prenatal care and served as a constant sounding board for both my wife and I that enabled her, for the very first time, to have a worry free pregnancy. On our son's birth day, Alexis and I were in constant communication via text, this allowed me to be fully present with my wife and have an expert on my side. Alexis was fantastic in helping me help my wife as she delivered sans drugs. She helped me soothe her, told me positions that would make her more comfortable, and was immediately available for hours on end. We were so thrilled with this investment she will be there for us in person when we deliver our first little girl this May. I would recommend Alexis to anyone who wants to cut through all the pregnancy noise and misinformation and to anyone who could use sound advice and wants to have the best possible pregnancy and birth experience.

Josh C.


My husband and I decided to get a Doula for the birth of our first son in Dec 2013 for the following reasons - (1) having an expert closely available, (2) to offer suggestions on ways my husband could get more involved during labor/delivery (3) to provide a gentle/softer side of things as we had an OB/GYN initially that didn't have great bedside manners.  

Alexis excelled in all 3 of these areas and went way above and beyond.  When we decided to switch doctors 3 days past due (crazy I know), Alexis was incredible and went outside of her typical Doula services to get us a wonderful doctor in the UCLA medical group.  My labor lasted 31 hours, and ended in a c-section.  Alexis was very supportive to both my husband and myself during the process through providing motivation, normalizing what was going on, providing information to help us make educated decisions, and just being a great friend.  She knows the world of pregnancy, labor and delivery inside out.  I would strongly recommend Alexis to anyone seeking a Doula.

Chelsea S.


I have so many positive feelings about Alexis that it is difficult to know where to begin in reviewing her.  She was a rock of support during my son's birth in June 2013, and I sincerely believe that I would not have had the drug-free, intervention-free VBAC (!!) that I had without her.  I echo the earlier reviews - Alexis has an unbelievably calming and warm presence that just radiates from her.  She is also incredibly knowledgeable about different techniques to assist during labor and works really well with everyone in the delivery room.  She quickly developed a kinship with the nurses, midwife, and even the old school doctor who delivered my baby, and they seemed genuinely happy to have her there.  My husband - a family practice doctor who was very skeptical about having a doula in the first place - is now a complete convert after seeing how much Alexis helped me have the birth I wanted.  Her presence just really flowed into everything that happened in the hospital, such that the whole experience is cloaked in this very positive feeling for me and I really credit Alexis with that.  I could go on and on, but I'll try to keep it brief:  if you are looking for a doula, you could not choose a better one than Alexis.

Elizabeth K.


My husband and I had multiple friends/co-workers that had worked with a Doula for their births and highly recommended hiring one. I was so lucky to find Alexis! Having a Doula was the best investment we made during our pregnancy. My husband and I are 30 and we just had our first baby. Alexis made sure we were well informed about all aspects of the pregnancy and birth process. Alexis was instrumental in creating a birth plan and ensuring we were aware of the possible alternate options. At my hospital it was one of three different Doctors that would perform the birth. Having Alexis ensured that everyone present for the birth was aware of our birth plan. During my labor we needed to move to plan B and Alexis made us feel 100% comfortable with this move. During the pregnancy, if I had any questions that Alexis was not sure of, she took the time to do the research for me. Alexis provides placenta encapsulation and is great dealing with family. She has a wonderful network of doctor's, breastfeeding consultants, and Doula's to provide additional support. Alexis and her network coached us through a Jaundice diagnosis and are available at all hours. They are all very supportive and open minded. My husband and I feel comfortable talking to Alexis and her network about any issue and any "method" we want to use. I would recommend a Doula for any first time pregnancy, and Alexis is the best. Alexis was born to be a Doula!

Chelsea F.


Alexis was unbelievably helpful to me throughout my pregnancy and she continues to be so. I was having my first baby and knew nothing about what to do. Alexis educated me on the best ways to stay healthy (and happy) and offered me resources to help me make the best decisions concerning my body and my baby. She is a wonderfully caring, loving, concerned friend who is passionate about mommies and babies. Alexis has had many years of experience and has done lots of research regarding healthy pregnancies and healthy births. I trusted her to give me the latest information about natural birth methods and prenatal care. When I first met Alexis she shared her heart about birth and her call to be a Doula. I don't doubt that she is the best Doula in all of Los Angeles. It is evident how passionate Alexis is about birth and wanting the most enjoyable experience for moms, babies, and their families.
Alexis is a mom herself and is able to share her own experiences of birth, motherhood, and raising healthy children. I still go to her for advice and for suggestions on natural, homeopathic remedies and caring well for my baby boy.

Jill W.





Alexis was such blessing to me. I don't know how I would've given birth to my son in December without her on my support team in my delivery room. She stayed with me from beginning til end! I'm a mother who is lucky enough to have had the opportunity to experience an all natural birth, but without Alexis, it would've been impossible. Her belief in me and support pushed me through to the finish line. I met her 3 weeks before I went into labor, and we connected right away. She's got an easy going personality, with much knowledge, and a soothing voice that will get you through the toughest part of labor. If you're looking for a doula, I would recommend Alexis for the best experience.

Soyon A.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the wonderful support and guidance through the pregnancy and birth. You will always have a special place in our lives and in our hearts. You got to see the first moments of Blake's life. I will always be grateful.

Ian H.


Alexis was part (and one of the highlights) of my delivery story in November 2012. She was such a source of support leading up to the birth that I felt like she was a friend when my labor rolled around. She is super duper knowledgeable about all things birth and baby related, super open to any type of questions leading up to the birth (even if it's what kind of pre-natal vitamins do you recommend) and she also does placenta encapsulation. She seemed to have an innate sense of what both me and my husband needed at every stage, and was a joy to have around. She empowered my husband to be amazingly supportive to me during labor and they made the most wonderful support team to me. Alexis has even stayed in touch since my daughter's birth, and when we were dealing with jaundice after she was born she reached out to her pediatrician for us and had him call us for a second opinion. I've even turned to Alexis for nursing or baby-related questions a year after my baby was born, and she's just as responsive and supportive. I highly recommend her for both doula-ing and placenta encapsulation! She's one of a kind!

Bekki H.


I am a mother of two sons and gave birth to both boys way past their predicted due date.  My doctor pressured me to proceed with pitocin for my first birth.  That was not the outcome i wanted and i left very unhappy and emotional with the whole experience.  For my second birth i looked to outside sources for ways to have a less traumatic experience.  Being that childbirth is an extremely personal experience, choices to have assistance and/or professionals are very difficult decisions. Fast forward and thankfully, I chose an experienced professional that happened to be someone i knew.  I learned that my second child was looking quite large and needless to say I was concerned and in need of support.  Alexis gave me comfort and ease that i didn't know the first time around.  She was there for me on many occasions leading up to the big day including the friday night before I gave birth.  I ultimately needed her on a monday morning reassuring me that the day was finally here and i was ready.  She was a huge comfort reminding me of everything i needed to do to have a positive mindset and to keep my body physically prepared. My experience having Alexis supporting me was beyond amazing and words of gratitude i can not express.
My baby was late but was not nearly as large as the doctor predicted.  Gratefully Alexis made me aware of what the doctors say and what can be reality. She deserves all the stars plus an extra for being so beautiful and peaceful inside and out.  Please call her and find out how amazing she can be for your birthing experience.

Jenny M.

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